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In the Final Sprint to Election Day, Talk About Rigged Elections Runs Wild-November 2, 2016

Dr. Matthew Weed Featured in Diabetes Forecast July/August Issue

This Healthy Living Magazine helps millions with Diabetes by offering tips, alternatives and health management guidance for those affected and their loved ones.

June 29, 2015 - Today in Diabetes Forecast, the magazine features Dr. Matthew Weed who lost all of his sight by age 9, yet has managed to navigate through the world with the help of friends and volunteers.  Dr. Weed’s blindness is the result of congenital cataracts which he was diagnosed with when he was young.  He also has type one diabetes and must have assistance with injections and blood glucose tests daily.

Choosing to have tight control of his Diabetes allows Dr. Weed to have the best possible chance at a full and impactful life. The need to monitor his disease motivated him to develop the discipline and team building skills that have helped him become the first totally blind, diabetic person to graduate from Yale, Princeton and Harvard universities, travel the world and even complete a rollerblading marathon.  

Dr. Weed meets challenges head on  

Since the age of 4, he has not let disability get in his way.  He began skiing as a child and he can ski downhill with the help of one or more sighted guides, a simple tracing in his hand mapping the ski route and verbal commands on the way, get him to the bottom of many slopes safely. He kayaks, rollerblades, camps and participates in sports that most would think impossible considering his blindness.

His highly successful academic career includes advanced degrees many people with sight have never achieved. Weed has a doctorate in genetics from Yale University, a master’s in genetics from Harvard University, and a master’s in public affairs from Princeton University.  He is now president of Impactors, Incorporated and a motivational speaker.

Dr. Weed draws all types of people together as he continues to consult for non-profit organizations and as the ambassador for StepOut® Connecticut on October 3 in New Haven.  He’s also a motivational speaker and is working on a book about his experiences with more than a hundred of the people who have chosen to join him on his incredible journey.


His determination to help others using the lessons his life has taught him has helped Matthew co-create a then-novel method for making all kinds of printed material accessible to millions with reading challenges; work with policy makers in the United States and Western Europe; help launch a multi-million dollar research center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; create training programs that have helped hundreds of patients while teaching thousands of health professional students about how people manage chronic health conditions at home and work; and mentor hundreds of current and future professionals in fields ranging from health and transportation policy to entertainment and athletics.

For Dr. Weed, his blindness has not blocked his vision.  A vision so large that it includes volunteers and teams and tools for people with chronic health needs. In November, Weed will give an aural presentation of data in Chicago at the meeting of the American Public Health Association showing that American health professions students not sufficiently exposed to how the 145 million people with chronic health needs manage their illnesses in the home and work environments. This lack of preparation exacerbates a problem America faces, in giving long term care to millions who need it—and supporting the millions more caregivers to the chronically ill and disabled.  This is a challenge that is on scale to cost $100 trillion in paid and volunteer care by 2050.

Dr. Weed anticipates the publication of his article entitled:  Proof of Health Professionals’ Poor Exposure To Healthcare at Home and Work and Ways to Address the $100 Trillion Problem, Exacerbated for People Managing Real World Chronic Health Needs Due to Aging and Other Factors From Now to 2050.  This article will propose some cost saving solutions to health professionals’ lack of exposure to how patients live and work every day.

Over the years, Dr. Weed has developed a system that tasks his helpers with the most basic parts of diabetes management:  helping him use a blood glucose meter, because even with meters with audio capabilities, there are important details manufacturers may have overlooked. This applies to all sorts of medications and insulin pens that could easily be mistaken for different types of medicine because they are similar shapes and sizes.

“Although it may sound risky, having  volunteers help with medications, in nearly 15,000 times someone has administered my meds, the worst thing that happens is someone forgets to show up,” says Weed. “Timing and management is an enormous piece of having a healthy life when living with type one diabetes.”

According to friend and former teacher, Dr. Jack Barber, “He wove his way into our lives, creating joie de vivre wherever he went. The defining day was marked by his announcing that he was going to attend an Ivy League School and needed to know various concepts to accomplish this goal.  This Matt Weed, sliding pell-mell on the wings of adolescence into my life, buoyed me to greater heights and made my life rich.

Dr. Weed continues to inform, enrich and encourage people across the globe with his determination and accomplishments.  

Learn more about Dr. Matthew Weed at www.drmatthewweed.com 

About Diabetes Forecast

The Healthy Living Magazine, Diabetes Forecast is published bimonthly in print and digital editions by the American Diabetes Association. All articles are reviewed by a dedicated group of health care professionals with clinical and/or research experience.

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USA Radio Networks Signs Kevin Jackson

Best-selling author, speaker, host, and rising star of new young media

RALEIGH, NC. June 10, 2015 – USA Radio Networks continues to grow with the signing of The Kevin Jackson Show for national syndication. The Kevin Jackson Show launches July 20, 2015 on USA Radio Networks XDS Channel 3 and will air weekdays from 12noon to 3pm Eastern Time.

Jackson is a rising star among young conservative thinkers and on the cutting edge of the new young media landscape.

“I’m happier than a tornado in a trailer park to be part of the USA Radio Networks family, and can’t wait to take on Rush Limbaugh. Conservative talk radio has needed new blood for some time, and I’m just happy to know a vampire. America will get something different, and I couldn’t be more excited to bring it,” riffed Jackson

A father of four sons and former management consultant, Jackson is the author of Amazon bestseller THE BIG BLACK LIE and SEXY BRILLIANCE AND OTHER POLITICAL LIES. Jackson is a frequent guest on shows like SEAN HANNITY, THE FACTOR with BILL O’REILLY, THE FOX NEWS CHANNEL, and MSNBC. He also contributes for BREITBART, HUMAN EVENTS and AMERICAN THINKER.

Tim Maranville, USA’s Chief Content Officer, said “Kevin blurs the lines that have so divided our country in a way that creates a conversation about solutions. Plus, he’s wicked funny!”

“Kevin has the type of talent where you can put him in any market, and he will be a success,” said John Beck, Senior Vice President, Fox News Affiliate – St. Louis.

“I’m tired of watching America be led by lunatics. We need new messengers and leaders, people unafraid of being called names. For far too long we’ve allowed Liberals to label us. It’s time the truth comes out about who the real racist, misogynist, and ‘otherists’ are, and it’s certainly not conservatives.”

To carry THE KEVIN JACKSON SHOW, contact USA Radio Networks Affiliate Relations department at 844-500-0812 or info@usaradionetworks.com.

Guest Opportunity

Kevin Jackson is available for interviews and commentary. To schedule an interview, please contact Russ Jones with Cross Platform Media Group at russ@CrossPlatformMediaGroup.com or 316-644-6185.