Testimonials — See what our guests are saying about clients experience with our crew.

With Elevation 808 at the helm, we received professional and personally crafted public relations and marketing guidance. Finally, after years of working with big named firms and getting “passed off” to junior staff, we found a great PR team, devoted to our success—Robin Nolan and her team bring innovative experience and stellar intuition to our company, helping us achieve our goals across all media—We went from being just a voice in the crowd to rising above the crowd with our B2B clients, in name recognition and revenue—Andrew is an exceptional technical talent guiding us as we explored and implemented designs and graphics that set us apart—Choosing Elevation 808 was the best decision we made for our company and brand.
— Marv L., CEO, Gulf Atlantic
Words cannot express my gratitude for all your efforts on my mom’s behalf. Although you were not involved in the legal aspect of her case, the media attention and devotion you committed to us, to get our “story” told across all major news outlets was critical to the positive outcome of her case—I know in my heart, having the national news, cable and print coverage affected many in similar situations to take action—May God bless you for a being a blessing to one of His own.
— Sincerely, V. Smith
After endless searching for a public relations and marketing firm that would design a program and meet our goals, we are blessed to have found Robin and Elevation 808. The entire team gave us outstanding guidance and personal attention. Individually each team member is first rate, at the top of their industry when it comes to knowledge, strategy and implementation— genius and vision beyond amazing—We love this crew!
— Susan M., VP Marketing, Allied Global
After making a lateral change and resetting my personal business model and plans, I needed brand development, a web presence and to get my name “out” there in the local marketplace—Elevation 808 worked a media strategy that increased my visibility and credibility in the marketplace and elevated me to “expert” status—Instead of pumping my name out with local fliers and ads, the 808 team took to me to another level and had me speaking with reporters at national media outlets and provided me an opportunity to show my talents and capabilities—The value of hiring a great PR team allowed me to take a “road less traveled” and veer away from direct marketing and wasted ad dollars and into the mainstream as a reliable force in my field.
— Stephen M., Madison Capital, LLC
Elevation 808 is a great team to work with when it comes to media coverage. Many firms promised to get our name out there, for the masses to see, yet didn’t accomplish much at all—The best thing about the 808 team is that they really do get you in the news, and they work a program that doesn’t need be micromanaged—whether it is a radio show, a cable news booking or a press release and social media strategy, they produce and do the work and present materials for edits and approvals—no longer do we have to chase down a PR rep to put PR or marketing into motion, this team does it, presents it and we keep moving—time is money. Robin and Andrew can make results happen and work their program every day—We couldn’t be happier with the dedication and results we get from this team.
— Brian, VP Business Development, MMV International
As our secret weapon to take us above the fold and to No. 1 on a national level, we love the 808 team and their finesse, competence and trustworthiness when it comes to confidentiality—Some brands, like ours, want to keep our PR firm in the background and brand our name, company and results, not their firm. Elevation 808 never brags about their clients and that is why many top tier celebs and athletes hire them. We are one in that league... that recommends 808 because they protect their clients’ interests first and with great regard to privacy while taking them out into the public eye.
— Richard B.